Blessings and Lessons

Mother Teresa

I’ve been thinking about parenting and children a lot these days. Having my son and his family living with us and having the college kids home last week, I was really conscious of my children- who they were and who they are. I realized (for the zillionth time) how precious they are to me. But I also realized how much they had taught me. In regard to Mother Teresa’s quote, I feel that children are both a blessing and a lesson all rolled up into an amazing package.

It’s easy to count the blessings. There is a love that is often indescribable. Joy. Pride. Exhilaration. Excitement. Wisdom.

But the lessons- those are the real blessings.

three 5
Rocky Mountains

I put in endless hours, effort, emotion, worry……. into a labor of pure love that might not reap anything. Parenting is a crap shoot at best. You can do everything right and still have unpleasant results. I’ve witnessed it in other families. Putting all this work into these little beings with no guarantee of their outcome taught me faith.

Being taken down by the most stubborn three year old in history taught me humility.

Finding out that the third child can defy every parenting rule you know and challenge every parenting skill you have taught me to be adaptable.

Having a child who moves at a different pace than the rest of us taught me patience.

Sending these precious little guys out into the world to learn lessons on their own taught me vulnerability.

Watching my son mirror my own parenting style with his children taught me that even when it seemed like no one was listening, I did get through.

Enduring over 12 years of parenting teenagers taught me restraint.

Experiencing three wildly unique personalities taught me to celebrate each one’s individuality.

Living through these past 2+ years since all of my children reached the ages of 18 and older taught me that parenting is a job that never ends.

three 3
Airport last month

This post is part of Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge- Wisdom hosted by Ronovan Writes and Silver Threading.



9 thoughts on “Blessings and Lessons

    1. Thank you! I was looking for a quiet look and I think I achieved it. I was so happy with wisdom being the prompt. It inspired me and hopefully this is the beginning of me getting back in my groove. 🙂

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