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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 10- Faces

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge is back! Yay! This week Hugh is really putting the “challenge” part to work.

“This week take a photo of an object that looks like it has a face. Rather than taking photos of the faces of people or animals try and capture an object that looks like it has a face.”


This is photograph of a watercolor painting by my middle kid, Kris. It hangs in my office with other pieces of artwork and important papers stuck to my wall. When I glance at it, it looks like there’s a face, just under the two trees on the far right. What do you think?

To find out more details about Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge click on the this LINK. Be sure to check out all the other original entries.

Photography Challenges

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: S

For this week’s Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Anything That Starts With the Letter S, I have an odd assortment.

bw swimming pool
I spent endless hours sitting in the stands at Kris’s swim meets. 
bw springs
Springs, springs and more springs!
bw star wars
Han Solo, and is that Obi Wan? and the guy whose name I can’t remember. (I really am a Star Wars fan- just not up on the actions figures- except for Han Solo, of course!)
bw skulls
Skull candelabras- a must for any decor!

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Cee's BW Challenge