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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 9- Stripes

I’m so happy to see Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge has returned! This week’s prompt is Stripes.

beej stripes

Beej was sporting this cool striped sweater earlier this week. As he is nearing 14 months old, he is always on the move. The only time he sits still is to look at his books and have them read to him over and over and over again. His sense of humor has exploded and when he’s not busy making jokes he’s finding the funny side of everything around him. He’s at a great age and I love every minute I spend with him.

Want to join the fun? Here’s what you need to do.
1. Take a photo of anything that has stripes.
2. Create a new post on your blog entitled “Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 9 – Stripes.”
3. Add the photo(s) you have taken to the post and tell us a little about what you are showing.
4. Create a pingback to Hugh’s post or leave a link to your post in the comments section of Hugh’s post so that other participants can view your post.