5 Places I Would Rather Be

5 Places I Would Rather Be

Today has been the most Mondayest Monday I have had in a long time. From a sassy six year old (CJ) and a teething eleven month old (Beej) to an almost flat tire and a condescending co-worker, I’ve had a day and there are still many hours left before I can call it a wrap!

And so, as I’m trying to block out the sounds of Beej banging on his high chair and CJ battling with his Dad about doing homework, I’m passing the time by thinking about 5 places I would rather be-

  1. I could be wandering around my favorite antique mall, finding the coolest treasure (at a reasonable price, of course!)
  2. I could be set up in my writing spot at the library, my headphones in place, listening to my most inspiring writing music, writing uninterrupted.
  3. I could be flying down the highway with the windows down and P!nk or the Beatles blasting from the stereo.
  4. I could be having lunch with one best friend or a beer with the other, catching up on our latest happenings.
  5. I could be back at my favorite graveyard taking pictures for Hugh’s challenge.

I remind myself that this is all a moment in time and that this too shall pass and I’m exactly where I need to be. And I listen to the Carpenters….

Where would you rather be when Monday gets to you?


8 thoughts on “5 Places I Would Rather Be

  1. When I feel overwhelmed I almost always want to do something quiet and solitary (may include the dog). I’m a big walker, so my ideal is to go out for a long walk and hope for something serendipitous to happen.

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  2. Here it is raining… the remnants of Hurricane Patricia. No rain all summer and now rain. Aw, well it will be sunny the day the movers come. I always figure we have to have some rainy days so we learn to appreciate the sunny days. Here’s to a marvelous Tuesday, Kat. ❤

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