Happy Place

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

Ahhh, my happy place! it’s ironic that this is the prompt comes at the time it does. The last few weeks have been totally chaotic complete with one child (plus his family) moving in with us and one best friend moving into a new smaller place…. on the 3rd floor with lots of boxes and stuff and many trips………AND family weekends at the other two kids’ colleges on the weekends. My house is a jumbled noisier mess and my mind is pretty much just as disorganized.

At the end of a hectic two week run, I have found myself in my happy place. And before I saw the prompt, I had just spent an hour wandering around outside, snapping pictures of anything that caught my eye. I was thrilled to find a few bad ass dandelions that have not been killed off by cold temps.

And so, I would like to share some of my favorite photos from my quiet time in my happy place!

6 thoughts on “Happy Place

    • It is a hummingbird feeder. They have a hard time navigating the leaves to get to it but that seems to be the one they like. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to get pictures of them.

      Thanks, Hugh! I love the autumn colors. 🙂

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      • Wow, you get hummingbirds in your garden? That’s real cool. I thought they needed really hot temperatures? Never seen them here in the UK.

        Autumn is my absolute favourite season of all. I’m just loving her display of all the colours this year.

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      • This is the patio off our back door. I’m actually surprised that they come that close. One day I was sitting at the table there and one flew up to the straw on my drink!

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