Sharing Our Stories

Sharing Our Stories

Pamela Valentine writes the blog- Affirmed Mom. I met her in one (or more) of the Facebook groups that I’m in for parents of transgender children. There is a lot of crossover in that area due to it being such a small world. Last month she invited bloggers to submit contributions to be shared on her blog during the month of October.

Pamela writes-

October is LGBT History Month. To honor transgender people and their unique histories, I will be featuring transgender people and parents of transgender children all month long. Through sharing their stories, I hope to raise awareness of this amazing population of people who still struggle for basic human rights.

What an awesome idea! Especially if these posts are shared with others. While it is beneficial for us to share our stories with each other, there is so much to gain by getting these stories out there in the hands and minds of people who are unfamiliar with the reality of being transgender or having a transgender loved one. I have had many people who are not part of the LGBT community mention how they have noticed a trend—- (which makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck because as WE know, this isn’t anything new……but understanding that it is considered more newsworthy than in the past)— and if we can get people to sit up and take notice, then we most definitely should!

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I’ve been struggling with writer’s block lately so I viewed this generous invitation as a challenge. In the end, I decided it best to dust off one of my favorite posts for submission. I worked on it, re-writing, deleting, editing…..until I forced myself to stop because as you know, if you write, it’s too easy to fall into a trap of overthinking every word.

Kat’s Story: Words Don’t Come Easy

While over at Affirmed Mom, I encourage you to read everyone’s story in addition to Pamela’s own posts. You might be surprised to see a few familiar faces. Or maybe not because it is a small world. All are well worth the read, adding another layer to a very complex subject, You can also follow Affirmed Mom on Facebook.


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