I came across this in my Facebook newsfeed and wanted to share it. This is just a quick drop in while I’m working on a few other posts which will appear down the line.

Watch These Trans Teens Talking To Their Grown-Up Selves And Try Not To Cry

When I’m faced with a title that challenges me “not to cry”- I’m always a bit miffed. My first thought is ‘Don’t tell me what or what not to do!’ Then I move on to ‘This better be as good or bad as billed.’ Can you tell that I’m getting tired of the sensationalistic titles that fill my Facebook newsfeed?

But this one was different. The title caught my eye. I wanted to see other trans kids. My own child is 22 and he will argue the point that he is NOT a child but that remains to be seen.

So I watched. And I cried. Any and all of those kids could have been mine. These kids are beautiful and amazing and I wish them all the best!

All they want is to live their lives as their authentic selves and to be accepted. They aren’t asking to be the class president or to be the most popular—- they just want to BE.

It’s so simple and yet so hard to achieve. I feel that since my middle child first came out 4 years ago and we got dropped into Transgender Wonderland that baby steps have been made. We need more of these- many more and bigger ones- so that we can quickly reach a day where the kids on the video have lived to be that adult self they spoke to and so transgender people don’t have to give themselves advice and pep talks to get to a better place.

Someday. Hopefully someday really soon!

Take care


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