T.V. Therapy

T.V. Therapy

I just finished dancing it out and before I sit down to engage in some long overdue “t.v. therapy” I thought I would pop in and see if I’m the only one who does this. T.V Therapy.

The first time I remember using this coping method, Kris was still going by Kerri and Kerri was suffering “first love break up blues”. We sat on the couch for weeks watching 10 seasons of Friends– start to finish.

The next time the therapy was for me. I was stressed. It was the end of Kerri’s senior year and less than 2 months before we would find out that Kerri was actually Kris. I binge watched That 70’s Show. It was my first time watching this show and I related to that show on every level. I had been a teenager in the mid-late 70’s. And I was the mother of teenagers right then. Kitty Forman was my hero.

I would be saying goodbye to my daughter (although I did not know it at the time). My all-time favorite Kitty scene was when Eric was planning on moving out earlier than she had anticipated. Despite mine and Kitty’s circumstances being completely different from each other, I can relate-

And now, for the past few months, I’ve been watching this great show I JUST discovered- Grey’s Anatomy. (I know- where have I been the last 11 years, right?) As I was approaching the culmination of 2 years of kids growing up, leaving and coming home and leaving and coming home, getting married, having a baby….leaving and coming home, I felt the need to immerse myself into something. I watched the first episode of Grey’s on a whim. I was hooked and as quickly as I could, I flew through 10 seasons only to come to a screeching halt on Friday as I finished up season 10. Well, Friday was the day I needed it the most. Imagine my absolute delight when I realized that Netflix had released Season 11 the very next morning!

I’m not a drinker. I’ve been too distracted to read. My mind races too much when I exercise. I’ve found T.V. Therapy to be the perfect outlet for all those things I don’t want to think about and all those feelings I don’t want to deal with. Immersing myself into these imaginary people with their funny and/or dramatic lives is just what I need to make it through until I’m ready to join my regularly scheduled life.

So, for now, I’m going to settle in for my season 11 marathon and forget about everything.

How about you?

Have you ever engaged in T.V. Therapy?

If so, what show did you watch? Did it help?




4 thoughts on “T.V. Therapy

  1. Yes, this is my first year ever of TV therapy.. coming from my first time ever being unemployed and having Netflix at the same time. I am shy to admit which ones and how many… it has seriously been just one of those years… Friday Night Lights, Downton Abbey, Wentworth, Sherlock, even Orange is the New Black.. I am a bit of a jail junkie… hence Wentworth and OINB. What can I say? It helped me through a stressful transition of moving, not finding a job and trying to figure out if I should stick with teaching…. I imagine this might come to an end in Egypt where I think I will be very busy instead. But then again who knows? Oh my I just remembered my absolute favourite one… Homeland. I am obsessed with that one… truly and completely.

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    1. Netflix makes this all too easy! Orange is on my list to watch. It’s a long list but most of them are just for fun- not for therapy as Grey’s is. Something tells me I’m going to need another really good long running show to get me through this summer.

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