The Road Not Taken…

Joyroses13 at Nuggets of Gold took me up on the Free Style Writing Challenge and here is her post. 🙂

Nuggets of Gold

The Road not Taken was given to me as a subject for a challenge to do a free write about for 10 minutes…On your mark..timer set. GO…

This subject jumped out at me right away when I read it. Thinking what timing. I am on a Road right now that I don’t want to be on, that I would never have chosen to be on, but alas I am there. A road that I can’t turn back on, for its just 1 way. Have to keep moving forward even on the days that it feels like you can barely take 1 more step. A road that you are not sure where it is going to lead? To the shadows in a dark forest or to a pot of gold on the top of the mountain.

This road is paved with uncertainties but its one I have to take and there…

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