The Bassinet

This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Tradition plays an important part in my life. I like the thought of my grandchildren experiencing things that my children knew. And it begins with this bassinet.


When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, a family member gave me this bassinet to use. It was pretty old for 1990 but we didn’t have much money so we gratefully accepted it.

Michael 90Michael slept in it when we brought him home from the hospital. There was one incident, where the front legs (or are they the back legs….the ones located where the baby’s head rests) buckled and Michael slid head first down…. Luckily one of us was nearby and righted the bassinet before any damage was done but being new parents, we were freaked out- me more so than my husband. He vowed to repair the legs before anymore babies slept in it and I was okay with that because at that point, I was sticking by my own vow- that there would be no more babies.

It would be six months before I would retract that vow but by then, the bassinet would be long forgotten as Michael had moved into his crib and we were fully immersed in the wonders of being first time parents with new discoveries greeting us around every corner.

And then Kris was born two and a half years later and our second baby also slept in the ancient bassinet. And for a second time, we had a baby slide down the bassinet when those legs gave out…AGAIN. This time I was slightly less freaked and slightly more ticked off. What had happened to fixing that leg? I hoped that there would be at least one more baby and this wouldn’t do. My husband realized that I was quite serious and he stabilized the legs. I was more freaked than I admitted and removed Kris from the bassinet for good.

Andrew came along and with him came a new covering for the old bassinet, compliments of my sister, who had used it six months ago previously for her new baby. I’m happy to report that Andrew did not take the same slide down bassinet ride as his older siblings.

Fast forward to 2014 and Michael and his wife were expecting a baby. As we unwrapped the bassinet, I didn’t even need to say anything before my husband quickly reassured me that the legs were secure.

B 14Baby Beej got the most use out of the bassinet since his parents live in a small apartment and space was at a premium.

It meant so much to me to see Michael’s son sleeping in the same bassinet he had once slept in. I loved the feeling of tradition and family bonds. And I also liked the addition of the new covering.

To be honest, I didn’t recognize it at first. It was only upon searching through old photos that I realized that it had appeared when it was Andrew’s turn. I accredit/blame being in a major mommy fog caused by having 3 children 5 and under in a 2 bedroom condo.

But as we removed the covering, I saw how old the bassinet really is. There is a tear in the lining. The plastic ruffle that lines the outer edge has become detached.It’s showing its age, whatever that might be….looking a bit old and broken. Thank goodness for the new covering and the fortified legs so that CJ and Beej’s future siblings and/or cousins can also take part in our family tradition of welcoming new babies into the family. There’s something quite comforting in knowing that my children’s children will use this bassinet and life will go on.

5 thoughts on “The Bassinet

    1. I’m very sentimental about things like that. I also have some special baby clothes that I kept. Although my son is all- there’s no way you’re putting my baby in that! his wife is totally on board with the baby wearing some of his daddy’s things. 🙂

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