Black & White Challenge: Heads

Here is my sampling of “Heads” for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge. To check out more black and white photos on this theme, please head over to Cee’s blog.

The ceramic lady head was taken in one of my many antique store visits. These little ladies are popping up all over the place. They are too pricey for me so I have to settle on taking pictures when I see ones I like. It’s probably better for everyone all around. We don’t need a collection of little heads crowding up the house!

The doll pictured is like one that I owned as a little girl. I still have her somewhere but it’s a bit unnerving to keep running into her in antique stores. Talk about feeling old!

You know Ari, my unwillilng model and sometimes blog bandit.

And the photo taken at the Pritzker Pavillion at Millennium Park in Chicago features a girl I used to know. I loved that hair! 🙂

Cee's BW Challenge


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