One Week or so Later

So, I think I missed a week or two somewhere. One minute I was here recovering from the A to Z Blogging Challenge, getting all pumped up to get back to business and the next thing I know it’s May 11th!

When you last saw me, I was headed east to visit Andrew at school. I found myself deep in Cav Country (Cleveland Cavaliers, for those that don’t follow basketball) wearing my favorite Bulls hoodie. (The Bulls had not yet begun their battle with the Cavs in the Playoffs. They are currently tied 2-2.)

We were delighted to find out that there was a tattoo convention at our hotel! This provided us with endless entertainment for the weekend. When we weren’t searching out the most tattooed person in NY, we took a quick trip to the US side of Niagara Falls and watched Andrew in his final performance of the school year. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend.

I arrived home last Monday and fully expected to jump back into my regularly scheduled life but life had a plan of its own. In addition to interviewing candidates, I found myself doing a lot of unexpected babysitting. Since I love baby Beej like crazy, I didn’t mind. (I did, however, mind falling even farther behind on my life.)

And that week ended with Mother’s Day, which included breakfast with the little guys and a Bulls game with my husband. In case you are wondering, I am the Bulls fan, he is not. It was a great game despite them losing to……yes, those Cavs and that blasted LeBron…. but there are at least 2 more games left to play, if not 3! It’s not over, til it’s over, right?

That brings us up to today, which was full of meetings. Tomorrow is the day that shall not be named (aka my bday) but I won’t have much time for it. Lots to do! And hopefully I will be able to climb back onto the grid!

Take care!


12 thoughts on “One Week or so Later

    • Thank you! I did have a nice day. I got to spend time with most of my close family minus the out of state kid, who we will be gathering up and bringing home in less than a week. šŸ™‚


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