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Sign, Sign, Everwhere a Sign

This week our topic for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is signs.

I began with some pictures around my home town.

I saw this sign at one of the music schools where Andrew auditioned last year. It made me laugh because I’m certain that the guy who wrote it was serious.

bw bass bow sign

Nothing shouts signs like Times Square.

bw times square

One blustery frigid day at Niagara Falls, Andrew and I came across this sign as we slipped our way down the path.

bw slippery signAnd last of all, Ari had to make yet another appearance. If she doesn’t like getting her picture taken, she really doesn’t like getting her picture taken by a sign.

bw ari sign

Thank you for hosting this weekly event, Cee! Be sure to check out all the latest entries by clicking the badge below!

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6 thoughts on “Sign, Sign, Everwhere a Sign

    1. U-turns are illegal on the street. I guess the frowning face is supposed to soften the blow? Lol

      That bow sign was pretty funny pinned up on the board complete with the initials in the corner giving approval for putting it up there. Only in a music school!


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