Q is for Quiet


I am shy, introverted and quiet. All are three are different. I’m sure there are people who will say they are one or two of these things but not all three and then there are some like me who are all three.

The shy part keeps me from putting my foot in my mouth and saying something I’ll regret most of the time. I’m too anxious about having the attention on me. I worry too much.

The introverted part tends to be where most of my big time thinking occurs. I tend to process everything I hear- depending on the quantity, it might be delayed and when I’m recharging it will pop into my head. Down time is vital to my existence. The longer I am in highly social situations, the more exhausted I get and the more introverted I get.

And I’m just quiet. I don’t have much to say unless I’m one on one with a person. Besides, growing up, weren’t we told that if we don’t have something nice to say, to say nothing at all? Circumstances in my life lately have had me living by this credo. And so there is many a time when I open my mouth to speak and upon (very fast thinking) and closer consideration, I decide that it is better left unsaid.

Although I feel that I am often misunderstood and people can’t really read me or even know me, I’m okay with how I am. Being all three has given me a major advantage at family gatherings and board and committee meetings. I hear everything while everyone is talking- sometimes all at once- and most everyone else present hear very little because you can’t really speak AND hear at the same time.

Thanks to posts written by Deborah at Notes Tied On The Sagebrush, I have been introduced to Susan Cain’s book- Quiet: The Power of Introverts and The Quiet Revolution. Until recently, I lumped those 3- quiet, shy and introverted into one group. It has been incredibly therapeutic to sort them out and learn more about the introvert aspect of my personality.

And for the record, I DO think that quiet people have the loudest minds. We have just as many words to say as anyone else. They just pile up into a huge mess and then it gets really loud in there!

What about you? Are you quiet, introverted and/or shy?


26 thoughts on “Q is for Quiet

  1. The title of your post drew me in and thanks so much for the mention. I think it is important to understand and appreciate our individual temperaments. I agree with the quote. Just because someone is quiet does not mean they have nothing inside their head. Introverts are deep thinkers. 🙂

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    1. Today my very good friend told me that I aggravate him because I think too much. He’s lucky we go way back and I’m not taking it personally. (He knows that’s how I am.)

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  2. I have gotten very quiet over the years. I used to be very social but as I’ve aged, I find that I like solitude and time spent with my dogs over socializing and being with other people. Dogs are usually better company anyway. 🙂
    Michele at Angels Bark

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  3. This book has been on my “to read” list for a very long time. Last year, I actually used Susan Cain’s TEDTalk as part of a meeting at school with my co workers. We were having issues with extroverts vs. introverts in a very small, shared space and I used it to show the difference between the two – I also had them take the quiz and everyone seemed to at least understand themselves better, and understand the needs of other. We’ve since moved and the problems have gotten much better, but still occur occasionally. I am less shy than I used to be, quiet nearly always unless I am comfortable and for sure introverted (unless it comes to singing)…I find that people have different boundaries and everyone just needs to learn everyone else’s. The problem comes in when people have none, and therefore don’t know how to respect anyone else’s.

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    1. I’m finding that a good amount of the people I work with most are all extroverts and most have very little respect or knowledge of working with introverts. They seem to believe every misconception out there. It’s frustrating.

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      1. We have a couple of extroverts, but one in particular who has little regard for those who don’t share his opinion. It’s very frustrating as even his fellow extroverts realize he can bulldoze others…he doesn’t see it that way. Very frustrating.

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    1. At times it seems like people have the hardest time with the quiet part- as if they can’t imagine being a person who doesn’t talk all the time. lol

      It’s a great quote. I’ve always believed it to be true.

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  4. My roommate read Quiet and loved it. She is also all three! I think the book really helped her be happy with who she is!

    I’m shy, sometimes quiet, and extroverted myself. They’re definitely very different things!

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    1. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the book. And I hadn’t thought about someone being shy and extroverted but I’m finding that it does happen but it does seem like the two would be at odds with each other.


      1. I really don’t like social gatherings myself. Even family events are too much for me. I do like people but only ones I know and like in small numbers. 🙂

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      2. Yes, that really reminds me of my roommate! 🙂 I like a variety, myself. Some days I crave a party, but some days they’re just too overwhelming. I can’t deal with a million different conversations all in the same space.

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  5. And ps. Quiet is the best book I have read in many years! It was what helped me sort out myself more too 🙂 It was such an relief to be able to take shyness away from something and add introvert on some parts of me instead! I loved your post!! SOrry for rambling ❤

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  6. I am also shy and introverted, but only quiet when I am feeling unsecured, unsafe or like a stranger ❤ I truly believe these are qualities that are making us great humans, and that the world need us to balance out the opposites. As I have started to embrace these sides in me life has gotten so much easier and uplifting ❤ hugs ❤

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  7. I can be all of those things depending on the situation. I’m always introverted, sometimes shy and often quiet. Usually if I say something it’s important or I just don’t waste my time. Also, I get bored easily with normal chit chat and mindless chatter. I prefer a nice one on one exchange of ideas that expands my mind but that is rare and hard to come by these days. Most people just want to talk about gossip and the Kardashians. Yawn.

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    1. So, if we ever meet in real life we will get along just great! I’m the same way. I have no time for idle chit chat. And people who know me well know that I only speak up when it’s important. 🙂

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