One Word Photo Challenge- Copper

This week’s word is “Copper”.


I’m not sure if this van is copper, but it sure is cool!

cinderella mice

Maybe these guys could be considered copper- Gus and Jaq. I had statues similar to these when I was growing up. When I found this set in Disney World a few years ago, I just had to have them!

Bittersweet or copper?

And although I’ve used this photo for bitter I do believe there’s copper in there, too!

This post is part of Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge- Copper.


8 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge- Copper

    1. When I walked past that van last summer, I just had to take pictures of it. I had no clue why because at that point I wasn’t doing any photo challenges. It was cool. And of course, Gus and Jaq! 🙂

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