Photo Blogging Challenge- Two!

March’s Photo Blogging Challenge Theme is TWO.

Tigger and Eyeore

Baby Beej’s favorite friends. Tigger and Eyeore are stuck between the couch cushions so Beej can talk to them and beat them up while he lays there getting changed

a pairI found this pair of cuties in an antique shop. They are a coffee and creamer set and I just love them, freckles and all. Unfortunately they were a bit pricey so I had to take a pass.

two furry pals

Ari loves taking a walk with a friend.

typewriter key

A “2” typewriter key

salt and pepper shakersAnd on another antiquing trip, I came across a shelf full of salt and pepper shakers. That’s a lot of “two’s” and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of all those pairs.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

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