B is for Beej


Today is B in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Well, if it gets much later, this will probably be published on C’s day. But for now it’s B day. Of course the first thing to come to mind is books. Next came boys because I’ve got lots of boys around here- sons, grandsons, co-workers…. I could narrow it down to brothers. I’ve got a lot to say about that topic too. My sons as brothers. My grandsons as brothers. My brother.

But my mind kept straying back to Beej. Probably because I found a pacifier in my cupholder when I got into my car.

The first time I typed out the name “Beej” I cringed. Was I really going to call him that? Would people think I was crazy?

See, I needed a name for my brand new grandbaby and since I used his big brother’s initials  CJ- for his name- it seemed logical to use little Beej’s too but CJ and BJ? I couldn’t. And when I thought about BJ, I was reminded of BJ Hunnicutt, Hawkeye Pierce’s bunkmate in the tv series- M*A*S*H*. He called his buddy “Beej” for short. So that’s where Beej came from.


So this post has ended up being a bit like its subject matter. It has been unpredictable with a mind of its own. Just like 4 month old Beej. I’ve written it, deleted most of it, rewritten it, saved it, thought I saved it but didn’t and lost it competely. My computer has frozen up, WP conspired against me and finally I had no Wifi. And that’s how I find myself writing this post on my iPad, which I do not recommend. 

What can I tell you about Beej? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Besides bearing a striking resemblance to his daddy, he has a lot of his old man’s personality traits as well. He is a happy adaptable baby. Once he got smiling down pat, he has used his adorable grins (sometimes with the added bonus of that elusive dimple on the left side) to give his stamp of approval. He’s an excitable little guy and he uses his entire body to get his point across. With arms flailing about and legs kicking wildly, head bobbing and eyes wide, he opens his mouth and makes his grand announcement. Sometimes it is the softest of coos, and other times it is a series of staccato shrieks with squeal at the end as punctuation. And I can’t leave out the unexpected chuckle. It’s hard to tell what he finds so darned funny but we never know when he’s going to laugh. 

He loves Tigger and his blanket (made by yours truly). He has the most expressive face I have ever seen. Now that his hands are working better he has achieved one of his lifelong goals, which was getting his thumb or any or all of his fingers into his mouth. He has mastered popping out his pacifier and making it fly 5 feet away. (I know- pretty impressive, right?)

Watching my son, Michael, interact and learn how to care for his new baby is precious. I’m amazed at how quickly  they bonded can and how natural Michael is, displaying none of those new dad nervous traits. Like I said Beej looks a lot like Michael did at that age and I’m reminded of all those similarities when Michael raises Beej up in the air, his little arms and feet dangling with a perfect “Baby Simba” expression as if he knows his role, and singing “the” song, he reenacts the Pride Rock scene from the Lion King. And so the circle of life continues… 

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