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Who Let the Dogs Out?

For most of my childhood, we had a pet. First it was cats and then dogs. I always swore I would never get a dog when I had kids. The thought of another living being depending on me for it’s very life was more than I ever wanted to deal with….especially one that would never learn to speak and tell me what it wanted.Undercover Pup

And then came Ari. She’s been part of our family for nearly 5 years and we can’t remember a time she wasn’t here. She is a big personality packed into a somewhat small body. (Depending on which suits her needs, she alternates between thinking she’s a very big dog and a small lap dog.) She barks too much sometimes and leaves doggy droppings all over the yard but the good definitely outweighs those 2 things.

There are major benefits to having a dog in your family. A dog is a faithful companion who loves you unconditionally. She offers many health benefits, such as reducing or relieving stress, fighting depression, making you more physically active and she’s good for your heart! I highly recommend getting a dog! cj and ari

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What in the world is a BeWoW Blogger?

BeWoW stands for Be Wonderful on Wednesday. But really you don’t have to wait for Wednesdays. The idea is to post something about Wonderful on Wednesdays, though. It could be a  wonderful experience you had last week, a wonderful memory that came to you, something inspirational or motivational, maybe something encouraging, or just something that brings a feeling of wonderful to you that you want to share.