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What is Love?

Ronovan, over at Ronovan Writes, writes (I know—-awkward!) about love. And he asks-

What is your definition of love? Or, how have you demonstrated your definition of love before?

This got me thinking…..which actually gave me inspiration to write. Having experienced a dry spell, I was happy to give it a try!

Growing up, I loved listening to records. I know I’m dating myself but if you honestly don’t know what a record is, well, I’m not THAT old! In addition to playing my own records, I really enjoyed listening to my dad’s old 45’s. When Ronovan posed his question, an old song came immediately to mind. “What is Love?” by the Playmates, released in 1959 (before I was born…FYI).

It’s a silly cute song. My idea of love is NOT “5 feet of heaven in a ponytail” but the song does stir up feelings of love. My father shared his love of music with me and my siblings. While I believe my siblings enjoy music, it is an integral part of who I am and I think I passed that on to my children. But that’s not the point of this post. This is just me wandering off on a tangent…..

Love is…

– sitting at floor hockey, swim meets, plays, concerts, parades, contests to watch your kids… and being willing to do it all over again for their kids.

– keeping up on all the latest Disney news- not because the little kids love it but because your big kids do.

– going to see Cinderella with your 22 year old son because you know he really wants to see it very badly- the evidence being that he’s willing to be seen with his mom!

– missing an important meeting or cancelling plans because your child needs you.

– reaching out to and expressing love to an angry 5 year old who cannot communicate his feelings and stares at you in stony silence…..for months….waiting for him to believe.

– the incredible feeling when that angry 5 year old whispers, “I want us to be friends again” and kisses you on the cheek.

– being open to your 19 year old or 22 year old when they snap at you one minute and then start a conversation with you like nothing ever happened the next.

– looking at your grandson and seeing his daddy’s excitable personality shining through.

– being forced out of your comfort zone for years and despite wanting to crawl back into it, you stay out there because your kid needs you there and you can’t leave him to face it alone.

– swallowing the “I told you so” every time you think it (which is sometimes often.)

-savoring the “You were right” when you hear it (which isn’t as often as you might like.)

– going that extra mile for someone…..picking them up when they are tripping over their own feet and steadying them when you know they are going to stumble two steps later.

– sticking with someone when their tough times get tougher than you can handle. It’s buckling down, digging in your heels and staying despite the ugliness.

– trying to really understand what a person is going through when you don’t understand.

–  loving all the parts of a person. Not just the fun parts.

– is casting aside excuses and taking ACTION when you are needed.

– is being there- no excuses- just being there.

when your feelings for the person are greater than any fear you have of being hurt!!!


Some of those might seem like little things, but added up, they mean a lot.