Rest, Nature, Books, Music


I think it’s so important to re-charge your batteries, so to say. I have started so many posts this week but none are publishable. Some are drafts that I will return to at a later date and improve upon. Others are lost somewhere in WPland, floating around aimlessly looking for a blog to land into. I’m empty, grasping at partially formed thoughts that I’m finding it hard to even put down into legible notes for later posts. I think I need a little rest, nature, books, music…… Of course, with a forecast of possible snow showers on the horizon, I can’t enjoy my books and music outside but if I’m able to accomplish 3 out of the 4, that’s not too bad! What do you do to rejuvenate yourself when you feel like your well is running a little dry?

writer's quote wednesday

18 thoughts on “Rest, Nature, Books, Music

  1. What a great quote, Kat. I can so relate to it.

    I tend to sit in a quiet place, close my eyes and let my mind wonder. If it’s warm enough I sit in the garden and listen to the sounds nature gives us. I find it very relaxing and it usually does the trick.

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  2. That quote is wonderful. I nap personally when I need to recharge…in fact I just did…for nearly 2 hours! It would have been better if I didn’t dream of students complaining about not doing their work, but I’ll take it. Nature (gardening, or just taking a walk, and especially the beach) is also a good recharge for me, especially if I do those activities solo. I am such the introvert in that way 🙂

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  3. I think it’s the change of seasons as I’ve been feeling the same way. Restless. I’m much better when I cn get outside and so for me, recharging is a good long walk in our local woods. Emma

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  4. I go to my special place and sit by the river. Sometimes I go into the little church nearby and just relax and let my mind be still. If I’m really in a rut I’ll try to get away for a weekend even if it’s only an hour away it seems like a break from my routine recharges me enough to keep going a while longer. Music is awesome too as well as reading. If you can’t actually physically leave for a break I find a good book can sweep me away in my mind and provide some relief from my every day world.

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  5. I get inspired by art, so I might go to an art museum or watch an especially well-done movie, or listen to really well-crafted music. They all fill up the empty places in me, so that I can create, myself. Occasionally, I’ll create, myself, in an area where my skills are building— like I’ll go to a paint-your-own place and paint a canvas or a bit of pottery, or I’ll sew something. Writing when writing frustrates me just digs the hole deeper, but creating in other ways when writing frustrates me is curative.

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    1. I do use music a lot as inspiration. I had forgotten art museums- they are always really calming and I do find myself more relaxed with a few ideas rattling around my head after a visit.

      I’ve been frustrating myself so much with these unfinished drafts. It probably is time to step away from the computer and look elsewhere.

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