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Not a Happy Camper

All I wanted to do was write a post about the Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge taking a break. That’s all.

Oh yes, and to explain, apologize, make excuses, cry, whine and wail about being sick and then being tied up while my son, Andrew, was home for spring break and various other tidbits.

And WP goes and changes things on me! I can’t even complete a post without losing it. That sidebar on the left is completely throwing me off. I’m behind on my writing, reading, commenting and liking all your awesome posts!!!

And worst of all is my sister is coming to town and my siblings need something from me. To get back story, you can read about it- The Apple Cart and then more  Square Peg. This will explain why I’m less than thrilled with this upcoming visit.

And if you feel a disturbance within the force later this week, my apologies…..