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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

February’s Photo Blogging Challenge theme is Winter.

These are photos I’ve taken over the course of the past month. While we have been lucky here in Chicago, the cold temperatures have overshadowed any snow we received. Although I like the beauty and peaceful look of freshly fallen snow, I’m not fond of layering, warming up the car, limiting my dog’s outside time,  dry skin, and the dirty mess that lingers long after that first snow fall. Spring can’t come fast enough for me!

This post is part of the Photo Blogging Challenge: Winter.

24 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    1. Going to have to agree here. The Linus shot is superb, with the blue colors being perfect for something that’s been sitting out in the snow way too long.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these. The icicles are so beautiful. We see them once a year only, if we are lucky. You captured them beautifully. I love all of your pictures… I think my favorite is the window one!

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  2. Jumping on the icicle bandwagon – those are terrific shots. We don’t get anything like those around our place but I’ve seen some that are similar at Lake Louise. The top right photo with the icicles, sun flare and strong, long shadows really captures so many key aspects of winter for me. Glad to see it here. And hope March brings more spring-like weather to your part of the world.

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    1. Well, gosh, thank you! The funny thing with both of those pictures is that I was struck by them immediately and just had to take the picture that minute. In the top right hand one, I was pushing the snow away to get the door open enough to let the dog out. When I saw the sun and trees and everything I had to run back and get my phone, which is what I took the picture with. I’m really hoping March is warmer! 🙂


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