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What a Wonderful World!

I am so excited to be taking part in Ronovan’s Be Wonderful on Wednesday (BeWoW) Blogshare!

I have found the cure to whatever ails you and I’m happy to share it with you. Ready? ………BJ at computer

Hang out with a baby. Preferably a 3 month old. I highly recommend it.

Granted I’m partial to Beej, my 3 month old grandson, but I would think most any baby would do. I have a friend who has a year old granddaughter and until Beej was born, I would indulge his numerous Facebook posts and Tweets and Instagrams of his son’s baby girl. I liked every profile picture change, even when they occurred daily. I didn’t get it. All of his selfies with the baby.

And then Beej was born. I’m pretty sure we took our first selfie while he was still in the hospital. As I was looking for pictures of snow for a photo challenge I’m doing later this week, I realized that Beej and I take a lot of selfies. A lot. And I don’t like to get my picture taken so that says a lot. But I can’t help it. There’s something about taking those pictures, and the expressions on both of our faces as the photo session continues. (Because you can’t take just one.) Sometimes we can even get 5 year old CJ to join in which makes it tons of fun. Last time CJ insisted we try to get our dog, Ari, in the picture. Epic fail.

Beej began smiling a week or so ago and there’s nothing like the feeling of smiling at a baby and knowing his happy toothless grin is a legitimate response to you and not just random gas. He has found his voice and we can keep ourselves entertained forever talking about everything. I never tire of his coos and goos and he seems captivated by my mindless chatter about bottles and thumbs and Tigger. When he smiles, he looks just like his Daddy did at that age. (Another major heart squeeze!)

This first year of babyhood is so exciting. Each week brings a new accomplishment. He’s finally gaining a little control over his arms and hands. He’s having a blast batting around the toys that are within his reach when he lays under his little activity gym thing. And when his Mommy Jasmine called to FaceTime with me, he kept hitting the phone trying to touch my face. What a mood lifter!

If the selfies, smiling, talking and playing don’t lift your spirits, the feeling of that small little body snuggling against you as he drifts off to sleep will make any tension in your body just melt away. You can’t help but feel happy and relaxed.

And if he’s your grandchild, that feeling is multiplied at least a million times. (And what a wonderful feeling it is!)

Seriously, there’s something about the innocence and joy of a baby that lightens your spirit and gives you the feeling that anything is possible! This might not be the cure of all your problems but I guarantee it will take your mind off of them for awhile.

So now you know what I do to feel rejuvenated and I’m going to leave you with a song that always makes me smile. While there’s nothing like Louis Armstrong’s velvety vocals, in honor of Beej’s daddy, I need to go with Joey Ramone.

Have a great day!



5 thoughts on “What a Wonderful World!

  1. Oh yes! And Yes! and Yes! Kat, I know those feelings so well. It’s no secret that my G-Baby is the love of my life and she makes me feel like this! Great song too. I’ve never heard this one before. I love the Louis Armstrong version and play it often. 🙂 ❤ 😀

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    1. I originally planned on using the Louis Armstrong version but as I wrote the post, the Ramones version kept coming to mind. It seemed fitting since my son was such a big Ramones fan. 🙂

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