Kat Got Your Tongue- Let’s Get Social!


Welcome to this week’s Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge!

I want to hear your thoughts on social media. It can be in relation to your blog- what social media do you use? or don’t use? What have you found to be successful? Or what really did NOT work?

Do you love it? Hate it? Tolerate it?

Do you have any tips to share?

Do you keep your blog’s social media separate from your private accounts?

Want to share links? Feel free to share them either in a pingback or in the comments section.

I will share them in next week’s prompt.


Each Monday a prompt will be posted in the form of a word, phrase, photo, song, poem…

Share your thoughts in your own post in any form you like over the next week. You can write a poem, rant, share a picture…..

Create a pingback- (linking your post to the challenge post) or post in the comment section.

Remember to tag your post “katgotyourtongue” so we can find your post!

If you would like, you are welcome to use the “Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge” badge in your post.

This is a “just for fun” challenge- everyone is a winner here! I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Have fun!


7 thoughts on “Kat Got Your Tongue- Let’s Get Social!

  1. Well, you know where I’m going to come from on this don’t you? 🙂

    Six months ago I did not take to Social Media at all, but having now embraced Twitter, I’m seeing a big increase in traffic to my blog, especially through Twitter events like the Sunday Blog Share party, and the Monday Blog event. I’ve more followers on Twitter than on WordPress now and can’t recommend it enough…but you already know that 🙂

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  2. I’m on Facebook and Tumblr. I keep Facebook out of my blog and just use it to interact with people in my personal life. My Tumblr account is linked to my blog. My Tumblr account is donshelby. I welcome followers there.

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    1. Ah yes, Tumblr. I have ventured there and might even have created an account once but it was too much for me. (I think I was still reeling from not understanding Twitter!)

      My son, Kris, has been on Tumblr for years and I believe he has more interaction with others there than he gets with his blog on Word Press.


      1. I refuse to learn how to tweet lol. I only marginally know how to use Tumblr and I just recently figured out that I could hook up my blog to it. I have friends that rave about Pinterest and Instagram but I don’t really know much about them. My niece has gotten us all to join Instagram but so far all we adults are doing there is following her art work.

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      2. I’m on Instagram but don’t use it often. It is easier to use than most others, at least for me. So far Pinterest is more of a fun thing for me to do than anything that promotes my blog.


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