This is my mantra. It has been since it showed up in my newsfeed on Facebook. I used it as the wallpaper on my phone so I would see it every time I looked at it, which is about 10,000 times a day.

I have a difficult time quieting my mind. I overthink everything! I analyze conversations. I worry about everyone. And then when a creative thought can squeeze its way through all that chaos, it just adds to the jumbled mess…..UNLESS I can find my peace of mind. It does happen- sometimes!

And it’s at those times when I’m in a good place and my mind isn’t racing 100 miles per hour that my mantra comes into play. When I sense that something is going to disturb that oh, so precious yet elusive peace, I push my mantra button and just set it on repeat. Sometimes I really do embrace the words and what they mean and I take them to heart. Other times, it’s just the repetition of the phrase that helps me stay calm, chasing those other annoying thoughts away.

It has kept me afloat these past few years when I’ve been floundering a bit and until something better comes along or it stops working, I’m sticking with it- “Promise yourself to be so calm that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Promise yourself…”

Have a great day and keep your peace on!


This post is in response to Kat Got Your Challenge- Keep Calm and …



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