Cheer Up!

My day started out badly. It doesn’t really matter what caused it but let’s just say that I was in need of a pick me up. As I thought about songs that might cheer me up, one kept running through my mind. Since I didn’t have it in my music library, I had to look it up online.

ย For your viewing pleasure- Lady (You Bring Me Up) by the Commodores- 1981.

This is the first video that came up in my search. I’m sure there’s a better video out there but how could I pass up this one?

The guys inย short white shorts and tube socks

The girls with their short, short track shorts, the legwarmers (yes, one is wearing legwarmers)

Synchronized soccer playing moves

What did the song have to do with soccer?

Did it even matter?

Well, it did the trick.

It made me smile. It cheered me up, not in the way I had expected, but it did the trick!

What songs cheer you up?


16 thoughts on “Cheer Up!

  1. Sorry your day started out bad music always makes me feel so much better. When I’m in a funk I love driving around blaring the music singing as loudly as i can, like my teen self woukd do.
    Songs I love that lift my spirits besides grease and grease 2 are: Distance & Human by Christina Perri, any 80s cheesy songs, Stand by Me the old and new version with Prince Royce, a few spanidh songs i used to sing tp my oldest, Disney songs, & Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

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  2. Nearly everything from the movie “Grease” – I love to sing…in fact, I run the Glee club at my school and we’ll be doing different genres next week. I picked to do a duet from a musical with my co-worker Bless, and I think we’ll be doing one from that ๐Ÿ™‚

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