A Transgender Character on Glee

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Glee‘s Dot-Marie Jones Wants to Make the Transgender Community Proud

Since Kris came out, I have not watched a transgender character on a tv show or movie. It has been fairly easy to do because those characters are few and far between. Being a subject that’s close to my heart, I’m nervous when I hear about trans storylines.

Kris and I used to watch Glee together until not that long ago. It was when a character who was born male but dressed as a girl and talked about himself/herself in the third person. That might be why Kris stopped watching. While there was nothing really wrong with the character, while we were watching it wasn’t explained very well. Maybe Wade/Unique did not know. Maybe the character was gender fluid. Maybe it was explained after we stopped watching.

Recently I was a little bored and needed some background noise to write by so I looked for Glee on Netflix, not really expecting to find it there. I was pleasantly surprised to find 88 episodes. Upon hearing that Glee was in its final season, I decided to do a Glee marathon, starting back at the beginning. Little did I know that Glee would be popping up on my radar once again with news of a transgender character. I’m interested to see how this is handled in light of all the positive press that the Amazon series Transparent is receiving.

What has your experience been watching transgender characters on tv shows or movies?


4 thoughts on “A Transgender Character on Glee

  1. So, I missed the episode of Glee, but then Gay USA re-played the bit where Coach Beiste came out as trans.
    I thought that Glee did a pretty good job of it. It was fair, but funny, and didn’t hit any of my “this is really being mean at the expense of trans-people and I am going to turn the TV off right now” triggers.

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    1. I’m happy to hear that. I feel like it can be such a fine line. As I’m watching the early episodes of Glee, the humor is over the top, bordering on offensive.


    1. I actually thought about this post all night last night while I should have been sleeping, thinking of all the additional things I have to say about this topic. My tiptoe into watching Transparent has been okay so far- nothing that I can complain about- but I’m just at the beginning.

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