Kat Got Your Tongue- Reality T.V.


So, let’s hear it! Reality T.V. Love it? Hate it? Love to hate it? Is it something you do but don’t ever admit to in the light of day? Or are you a full-blown addict? What are your thoughts on reality t.v.? I would love to hear what you think!

I have a few thoughts about this topic that I will be sharing a little later today. Here are My 10 Favorite Reality Shows. You don’t have to list 10 but what are some of your favorite reality shows?




Deborah at-Notes Tied on the Sagebrush

Julie at Julie Powell- Graphic Artist

Thank you for participating! I’m always interested to hear if other people encounter the same issues with sleep that I have or if they remember those good old baby days when sleep was at a premium!

13 thoughts on “Kat Got Your Tongue- Reality T.V.

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    • My son, Andrew, and I really get into Big Brother. It’s fascinating to watch how people behave under those circumstances. In one of the earlier seasons, a guy pulled a knife on a very drunk girl late at night and she just let him. I always think about that one scene- why didn’t she move, or do anything? he could have hurt her and the cameras would have been rolling. Was it because she felt safe knowing someone was possibly nearby or because she didn’t know any better or because she didn’t want to look like a helpless girl on tv? I always wonder.


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  4. Guilty pleasure. But I do limit myself to one series at a time. Btw – do you post a list anywhere of upcoming prompts? Would love to join in sometimes but always seem to get to your post late in the day. Emma

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    • Hi Emma,

      Currently I have not planned too far ahead. Please feel free to answer any prompt at any time. They don’t have to be completed on Monday (or even the same week!)

      I don’t know how you are able to limit yourself to one at a time! Sadly, my DVR gets filled when we have a few reality shows running at the same time- especially ones that air more than once a week!


    • Regarding a list, I am still working on that. I have a few prompts in the working stage and some weeks I just go with whatever I have completed. I’m working on a better system than the “Oh crap, it’s Sunday night and I need to get this finished by morning!” system.

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