Daddy’s Boy

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Happy Joy Joy.”

Four and a half weeks ago, Beej was born. Although we became grandparents when Michael married Jasmine, adding CJ to our family, Baby Beej was the first baby to join our family since Andrew was born 19 years ago. When I walked into the Special Care Nursery and saw my firstborn son standing next to the bassinet, his newborn baby clutching his finger looking so much like he had when was born, I cried. And then when my son spoke and little Beej turned his head in the direction of his father’s voice, the tears came again. Day after day, I would see my new little grandchild and my eyes would fill.

I thought that I was done with those happy tears until last night when I was over at their apartment. Michael was talking and Beej was straining to see his dad. Michael picked him up, cradling him in his arms but outstretched so that the baby could see him. Baby Beej stared intently at his father, his eyes never straying. Michael returned his steady gaze and said, “Yes, it’s me, the most interesting man in the room.” Beej was totally entranced in a way he did not show with anyone else.

And I cried again.

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