Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne- Millennium Mix by Kenny G

Have you heard this version? When it first came out, I immediately bought the CD and stuck in the CD player. The CD only contains 3 songs- all versions of the song. We have a multi-disc CD player- it holds 6 CDs. Every year it’s a challenge to decide which holiday CDs make the cut. In these days of Pandora, iTunes and iPods you would think we would have done away with the stereo and CD player but nope. I like my CDs. Usually I like to listen to CDs from beginning to end but at Christmas time, I mix it up and put it on shuffle. (It’s okay as long as I know which CDs are in there- a bit anal of me, I know- it’s just me.)

That first year the CD held the #1 spot. Although the CD was on shuffle this song seemed to play a lot. The next year we moved the CD to the last place. It seemed to play even more that year, despite the shuffle status.

It has become a tradition of sorts. Kenny G gets moved to a different place holder every year and although the songs are still set to play randomly, we continue to hear this song more than any other. In fact, we’ve noted that sometimes there are CDs that never get played at all but that one always does.

I’m sure my children would like to see this CD lose a spot in the rotation but I do love it. And I’m always curious to see if it will continue to monopolize the CD player. It occurred to me recently that maybe it’s the work of the spirit who sometimes visits us in that room. I’ve mentioned our ghost friend, haven’t I? Hmmm well, that’s a story for another day.

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