Writer’s Quote Wednesday- 12/17/14


I chose this quote from Dr. Seuss for a few reasons. First of all, it hangs in our house as a reminder to all of us to be ourselves and not put on pretenses. In the past few years, as we realized that not all of our family and friends would be accepting of the changes that were taking place in our family, we truly understood and appreciated the importance of those people who are REAL with us. It wasn’t just my son, Kris, who was transitioning, but all of us. I feel like Kris gave us all strength to be who we really are. I hoped that I taught my kids to stand up for what and who they believe in, but it wasn’t until we were faced with less than supportive relatives and friends that I saw them completely embody the concept. In regard to writing, it’s so vital to find your voice and let it shine through in your words. You need to write for yourself and your words will find the right people. I’ve always related quite strongly to this quote. Dr. Seuss was so much more than that guy who wrote “The Cat in the Hat”.

Thank you to Silver Threading for hosting Writer’s Quote Wednesday! Please head over to her blog to check out all the quotes  other bloggers are sharing and take a look at her blog, too. You are going to want to read her cool posts about The Swamp Fairy.



11 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday- 12/17/14

  1. People are totally cool with us when we present ourselves in ways that conform to their preferences, but as soon as we reveal our true thoughts, our true selves, without filters–yea, we lose a lot of “friends” and “supporters”. People were fine with as a “butch” lesbian/bisexual (turns out after dating some women I’m attracted to them in that way, I just appreciate women aesthetically), but as soon as I came out as a trans man, and started being myself rather than kowtow to them and their ideals, OMG did I lose a lot of friends. (Mind you, I am very much a people-pleaser.) Because most of my “friends” were gay guys and their queer dears, after they all left me, I did not want to associate with the GLBT community for the longest time, even other trans people. I figure I would just live in stealth, even though living in a progressive area, I didn’t have to. Only when I started working at the mall, and met other members of our team, and when this one who was out and proud asked me, “Aren’t we on the same team?”, did I have pride once more, and it gave me the backbone to be myself again.

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  2. Thank you for the wonderful quote! It is the truth too! I have lost friends (who I thought were my friends) over the years for voicing my opinion and for wanting them to stand up and be themselves. They dumped me in a heartbeat. What I found out is that there are very few true friends in this world. We all have to be who we are. Cheers to you and your son. ❤

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