Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells…

It appears that the holiday season is upon us, although the current state of my house my suggest otherwise. The tree is up, lights are framing the windows and we have the obligatory inflatable SpongeBob in front of the house. Don’t ask. I detest SpongeBob. I think my children and their father put it out to bug me….  But I digress.

I’m still working on 25 Songs, 25 Days. (I know it’s been double that…maybe triple…..) Next up is my favorite song. Well, that’s impossible. At any given time that will change. I have a lengthy list of favorites and picking just one is nearly impossible. I began thinking about Christmas songs and that was also too difficult of a task. Finally, I settled on my Top 10 Favorite Christmas Songs. When I finished writing it, I realize that a post with 10 music videos might be a bit too much but I was still having a hard time cutting any songs.


And so, to make it a more manageable read, I’ve split it into a two part post. The songs I’m sharing are in no particular order and please don’t share that with my son, Andrew. We’ve had discussions about the order of music and how some songs just don’t flow nicely into others…

  1. “Sleigh Ride”– This has been one of my all-time favorites for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t matter who sings it or if it’s instrumental… just love it. My kids’ band director must really like it too because most years they played it in the winter concert.
  2. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” – While looking for a version of this song to share, I stumbled onto this Idina Menzel/Michael Buble video which is just the cutest thing ever. I really do like how their voices blend together….probably because I like both of them. And I love the art deco feel and the cuteness of the kids!

  3. “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth”– David Bowie/Bing Crosby This was one Christmas song that I immediately fell in love with upon hearing it the first time. I’ve always loved that deep rich tone of Bing Crosby’s and pairing it with David Bowie is perfect! Little Drummer Boy is another long time favorite song of mine, dating back to my childhood.

  4. “Tonight is Christmas”- Alabama So. This song. The entire album. Let me tell you. Back in my retail days, one of the departments I worked in was situated next to the Christmas department and they played a few select CDs continuously. I didn’t know the Alabama Christmas at the beginning of that season back in the late 80’s but after hearing it for hours on end every day for a month, I grew to love it and it has since become a favorite.

  5. “Christmas Time is Here” by Lee Mendelson and Vince Guaraldi Watching this clip from the beginning of A Charlie Brown Christmas and seeing all the funny little things that you know are there when you listen to this song but maybe have forgotten if you have not watched the movie in awhile- Linus skating with his blue blanket, Snoopy messing with Lucy, Snoopy grandstanding and of course, Linus telling Charlie Brown that he was the “Charlie Browniest”!

Did any of your favorites make my first five list? If not, what are they? And maybe they will appear in Part 2…. Stay tuned!


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