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This week’s prompt- What do Saturday mornings mean to you?


Saturday Mornings

There was a time when I would have said that Saturday mornings bring to mind the cartoons that I waited all week to watch as a child or if you fast forward to adulthood, I might mention sleeping in or even farther into the future it could be taking the kids to religious education, dropping them off in the same church parking lot where I had suffered my first anxiety attack at the age of 7.

Nowadays those memories take a back seat to basketball. Specifically kindergarteners playing basketball. If you’ve never experienced it, I highly recommend it. (But only if you aren’t the parent of the child!)


CJ is athletic. He loves throwing balls, running, dribbling, making baskets, hitting balls with the baseball bat. He has expressed an interest in floor hockey and soccer as well. The one problem- he’s 5. Basketball games are incredibly frustrating for his parents and entertaining for his grandparents and great-grandparents. It brings back memories of Michael, just a little older, more content sitting on the sidelines playing with his friends than playing on the court.

When CJ is engaged, he can hardly see over the tops of his cheeks his smile is so big! He runs up and down that court grinning ear to ear. Then he locates the ball and with deadly intent bears down on the poor unsuspecting teammate (and it’s always his own teammate he does this to) who is struggling just to dribble and remember which is their basketball hoop. With his victim in sight, CJ barrels down the court, stopping short of knocking the poor little kid holding the ball off his feet. He wraps his arms around the ball…..or the innocent child holding the ball, if he gets in the way, and tugs until the ref comes. Now, he’s a bright kid and he’s been told by the ref, his coaches, his parents……. no tackling in basketball. And yet he does it. Every game. More than once.

And when he’s not terrorizing his teammates (but only in the kindest ways….really!!) his shoe is too tight, he’s thirsty, his sock slid down in his shoe, he has to use the bathroom, he’s tired….

And in the audience, Michael groans, Jasmine sighs, and the rest of us try to hide our laughter. We can’t help it. We’ve been there. We all saw ‘that’ episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” where Jeffrey pretty much acts like a normal little kid playing basketball… or maybe just playing and Ray is so exasperated by all of it.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth looking up.

Until then, we will be there, every Saturday morning alternating between cheering and yelling “Where’s the ball, CJ?” When this ends, he will begin floor hockey. I can only begin to imagine all the fun things a 5 year old can do with a hockey stick!

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