My Backyard

Quiet time in the backyard
Quiet time in the backyard

Photography 101: Bliss

When I think about bliss, our backyard comes to mind. It’s a work in progress but that doesn’t matter. When I’m sitting back there, whether I’m alone reading in the early morning silence or sitting with my parents while my grandson plays nearby and my husband putters around just around the corner, it is a place of pure happiness for me.



6 thoughts on “My Backyard

  1. we have a porch swing that is very worn by now but I have so many great memories of me and my girls in it when they were young! Having serious talks and silly talks and singing and sometimes not saying a word, just swinging.

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    1. I love porch swings- I’ve always wanted one….and a porch for it to go on. We do have a swing that my parents gave my grandparents for their 50th anniversary. It needs a lot of work but I’m looking forward to it being functional again.


  2. Aahh what a lovely little oasis. I miss my garden terribly, it was a place of reflection and gratitude. Here in Turkey I retreat to my rooftop and try and find my bliss – but sometimes I have to dig just a little bit deeper within to find it.


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