City Street

Photography 101: Assignment- Street


Looking at this picture, I feel claustrophobic. And I’m transported back to the moment I took the photograph with my iPhone 6, in frustration. I’m trapped behind the wheel of my car during rush hour in the heart of Chicago. I have circled (and I use the word circled loosely because it’s more of a slow moving rectangular drive) the block at least three times searching for a parking spot. As closed in as it looks being surrounded by cars, the added outer layer of buildings towering over me on all sides seals the deal.


6 thoughts on “City Street

  1. Those buildings do look almost as if they are leaning in. I once got the chance to go on a tour from the Archicentre in Chicago. We went through some of the skyscrapers. It was amazing. We don’t have any skyscrapers at all in my town and I was a bit nervous of them. That tour cured me.


    1. Those buildings are something else. I’ve grown up just outside the city so I’ve always gone there and sometimes it still gives me a panicky moment when I look all the way up.

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