Photography 101: Home



I’m participating in the Photography 101 Course and the first assignment is- “Home”- something that means home. I chose a photo of my books. This corner is right behind the chair I sit in to watch tv or read. And it’s home to me.




4 thoughts on “Photography 101: Home

  1. I almost took a picture of my bookshelves for this first assignment…glad to see someone else did! :o) When I move, home is not home until the books have been released from their packing boxes (and the coffee pot is fully enabled!).


  2. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometime Ima send over a pic or 2 of my books…my true treasures faithful and constant. They are always there, waiting for me…they never cry off as too busy, too tired, too too too too…there always…

    …and are you a re-reader? I sure am, and each time there is something new, something I didn’t see the first (or second or third or fourth) time thru…I swear that books write themselves, add things based on the currents we have connected to them like veins,and what we are living somehow informs them and they change in accordance…


    1. I have always been a re-reader. I’m always going back and reading my favorites again and again. The top row in the picture shows some of my favorite books from my childhood and the second row is some of favorites as adults. I have so many it was difficult to choose which ones to show. πŸ™‚

      I’m always discovering new things with each reading- I love that!

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