Feeling All Twittery

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Today’s Blogging 201 assignment is to focus on one social media to grow my blog. I have chosen Twitter. I have had a Twitter account for awhile now and I know it’s been moving along rather slowly. I try to retweet things of interest. I try to remember to tweet but I’ve been really bad about that. It took me 6 months to figure out how to get my Twitter feed working in my sidebar and I’m embarrassed at how easy it actually was.

I don’t get Twitter. I mean, I understand the premise and I know it’s short snippets of information. Maybe that’s where my problem lies. I have to get it all said in how many characters? Are you kidding me? I have yet to write a tweet without having to cut half of it out to get it fit into the allotted character restrictions.

I’ve read some great articles about using Twitter in conjunction with your blog. I’ve just been very resistant to tweeting.

I already have my posts being tweeted but I can see that I need to work on the ### aspect of it. Also, interacting on Twitter is new for me. images (9)My plan for the next 30 days is:

– to tweet or retweet one item daily that is separate from my blog posts (which will also be tweeted)

– to add # to my tweets

– get to know who is following me

If you would like to follow me on Twitter, you can find me at @katcarpita (or check out my feed on the sidebar of my blog)



9 thoughts on “Feeling All Twittery

  1. I was a twitter hater but have made a complete 360 on the issue. I’ve recently joined again and actually started to engage people in conversations. I’ve met some great writers and non-writers alike. I’d say jump in with both feet. I’ve also grown my blogs traffic with it too… small now but hopefully some people find it interesting (o:


    1. For the longest time I felt like I was surrounded by people who seemed to take to Twitter like fish to water but now I’m finding out that I’m not the only one who has felt this way. I think that helps in a major way! It’s still work for me to remember to go there but I’m trying. Refreshing myself on all things Twitter will definitely help!


  2. That’s the spirit, Kat. Make Twitter work for you and not you work for it. There’s loads of arguments for and against using social media to promote your blog but, as you know, I believe it helps promote you and your blog especially if you want to increase the amount of traffic to your own blog.

    I try and tweet at least once every hour while I am on the internet as well as do a few retweets. With Social Media I think the trick is to stick to maybe two, perhaps three, social media accounts as anything else will take up more of your time which could end in meltdown, especially if you are not giving your blog the attention it needs.

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  3. I’m on Twitter, but find it hard to tweet too! I do post my blogposts there and my Instagram photos, and every now and then a picture I can’t fit in my FB or Instagram because it’s a darker humor than that I use there 😉

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