Blogging 201- GOALS!

I am participating in Blogging 201 and the very first assignment is to have 3 goals. Yikes! Goals are definitely not my strong suit so this is already a challenge for me. I’m afraid I’m going to swing from one extreme to the other. Am I being too easy on myself? Or have I jumped into the deep end of the pool and I’m in over my head? I guess we will see!

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1. Establish a new weekly feature. I currently have one weekly feature and one sporadic feature. I plan on either firming the sporadic feature into a weekly thing or creating a brand new feature.

2. Develop a writing habit by participating in Daily Prompts and/or a new challenge. I’ve noticed that when I write daily, that writing habit takes over and when I slack off, it drops to zero. Even if I’m not posting every day, I want to be writing every day. (With Nano beginning in a few short weeks, I might be regretting these words!)

3. Create a more meaningful connection with followers. I’m not about the number of followers or the stats. I prefer to have followers who I can form a connection with and have great interaction. I plan to spend more time getting to know who is reading my blog.

So, here I go! 🙂

Happy Blogging!


22 thoughts on “Blogging 201- GOALS!

  1. I like the idea of weekly features. I had thought about blogging every day, but knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it with three kids to look after, so weekly features seem like a very reasonable way to blog regularly (especially if you can offload some to your eldest child like I have). Wishing you great success in reaching your goals!


    1. Thanks! I tried to convince one of my kids to be a guest blogger and although he said he would, he keeps putting me off. I did end up using something he wrote a few years ago.

      I have one weekly feature, which is sometimes every other week…..but knowing I have made that commitment helps keep posting fresh him my mind. We will see how adding a second weekly feature goes!

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    1. I pondered for a few minutes, wrote something down, looked at other people’s goals, revised mine, pondered some more and decided that I could probably do that for the next 24 hours and in the end, have the same 3 goals I wrote down in the beginning. 🙂

      Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂


      1. I actually ended up posting my goals in the comms room yesterday, Kat, so I did not, after all, have to sleep on them as I thought. The main goal for me is to get my head around social media and gain traffic to my blog that way. Some bloggers have quoted over 80% of traffic to their blogs come through social media.


      2. 80% ??? While i know that some of my followers are from Twitter, thats all i know. I’m still confused by some aspects of Twitter myself. Good luck with your goals!


    1. I think this will be the biggest challenge- only because I decided not to use the one about expanding my Social Media use! Sometimes I get overwhelmed and then I find myself liking posts or comments and not taking the time to write a personal comment. I need to make a conscious effort to slow down and connect.

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  2. Number 2 — totally agree. I’m not sure how I’m either writing all the time and consumed by it and carrying around a notebook with ideas.. or not writing at all. I have no middle ground, either.


      1. Do you feel that it was worth the extra money? I’ve considered paying for it as I try different themes and have a hard time deciding what to do.


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