“Gender is not a choice; transition was”

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Read article here- As youngster transitions from girl to boy, family shifts between challenges, calm

As I read the article, a few points jumped out at me, the first being the statement where Max’s mother expresses concern over what to do if he changes his mind. “Gender is not a choice: transition was.” How simple. How true.

“There are four times when gender issues tend to emerge, Berne said: the preschool years, when gender identity is solidifying; in puberty, when bodies are changing; a few years later, when young adults head to college or begin living on their own; and finally, during midlife, when some people start questioning their life’s path.”

Kris hit three out of four. I believe he would have hit the fourth at midlife if he had not transitioned after high school.

“It challenges our sense of orderliness,” said Berne. “We can be fearful of anyone who is different.”

Understatement, right?


Another understatement. Policies vary from country to country, state to state, district to district, whether it’s school, extra curricular, Scouts, sports…… not a speck of consistency EXCEPT for the Inconsistency.

“Max has taught us so much, just by being himself.”

I am speechless in agreement. What Kris has brought to our family……. there are no words.


6 thoughts on ““Gender is not a choice; transition was”

  1. Thank you for sharing this article, Kat, as well as your thoughts on it.

    And this:

    “I am speechless in agreement. What Kris has brought to our family……. there are no words.”


    With blessings,

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  2. Thank you to whoever posted the original article. I am a Christian and have had a very narrow view due to the teachings I’ve been under for many years and my limited understanding of Scripture. I am beginning to understand more of how things in our lives can change that we may not fully understand. I’m glad God is the One who is in control. Thank you for enlightening me about some things I was totally unaware of.

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      1. You are very welcome gentle lady. Please keep on writing, there is something very special about your writing. You are able to express so well the feelings of my heart!

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