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Fuzzy Thoughts


When I found this quote, I immediately thought about Kris and all he’s been through and continues to go through in his journey to become the best self he can be. I was at a meeting tonight and when I got home he was sitting on the couch with his laptop open on the coffee table. He had spent the day recreating our house on his Sim’s game and he had filled it with Sim’s characters of us. Apparently we as Sim’s people were quite amusing. He looked up when I walked into the room and smiled as he reached out to pause the tv show he was watching. The upturned corners of his mouth, the sort of slouchy way he was sitting so he could reach his computer, and the flow of his words as he related the latest in his Sim’s house and then went on to inform me that he was watching the last episode of “Secret Life of the American Teenager” all confirmed what I had felt when I first walked in. He was totally relaxed and chilling. This was Kris, just being himself and he was really okay.

This doesn’t happen as often as it should. I’m hoping that as time passes he has more and more happy days where he is comfortable being himself. I hope that his world expands to include friends and maybe some more family. I hope that others will be able to see Kris. I hope they are able to KNOW him. Not just see an awkward quiet kid. To really see him and know him as who he truly is.  The person he was meant to be.