Brick House

The year is 1982 and my best friend, Lori and I are at the roller rink. Decked out in Jordache jeans so tight you had to lay down on your bed to get them zipped and who cared what the shirt was with jeans that tight, our hair feathered and hair sprayed into a shiny shield that flapped as a single piece as we flew around the skating floor “letting it all hang out” to the very cool sounds of “Brick House” by the Commodores. It is Ladies Only, which means it’s girls only out there  and all the guys are hopefully on the sidelines watching. (I cringe at the thought of a bunch of guys staring at my butt now but at the time, I guess it didn’t seem that bad. All I can is it was a different time. A VERY different time.)th2PWZ4Y7S

Back then the rink would have “All Night Skates” and it was pretty much that- It began at 9 or 10pm and ended at 7am. There was supposed to be adult supervision in the form of the rink manager owner. No one was supposed to leave the building. You can connect all the “supposed to be’s” and come to your own conclusion. Somehow Lori and I managed to miss out on all the “real” fun so we had to make the best of it- mostly laughing at the behavior of the others. As a parent now I’m horrified to think of what those other kids were drinking or smoking or whatever. (Needless to say that although we now live just blocks from said rink, I did not encourage my children to go there.)

Lori had been my best friend for a few years by that time. It was at that time that I met Rob, who would become not only my first love but also one of my greatest friends of all time. Lori and I drifted apart when she went away to college and I stayed home and navigated a rocky relationship with Rob. We did grow close again in our 20s and stood up in each other’s weddings. She ended up moving away right after she got married and although we keep in touch, we haven’t seen each other in over 18 years.

When I hear songs like “Brick House” it always takes me back to those days at the rink and my fun with Lori.

25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 13-  A song that reminds you of a former friend



8 thoughts on “Brick House

  1. Wait. Did someone call my name?? My ears have been ringing all weekend. I am right here, at your service. Someone else loves Brick House as much as I do? Awesome! If you look at my about page, I’ve got that video on there. When my friends hear the song on the radio they text me, call me or think of me while dancing to it. LOL.

    Great post. You must be a “winning hand”. 🙂


  2. Now I just LOVE this post. But I was on the sidelines wanting to be out there!

    Oh, and Brickhouse is the song I referenced in Her Red Door… Always enjoyed that song. But I practically wore out 3 times a lady. Obvi!


  3. Hi, Kat. I loved the roller rink in the 50’s. It was about the only Entertainment for teens in Lebanon Tennessee. Song solicit memories for me as well. It’s interesting how people move in and out of our lives,


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