There’s a Place

There’s a place I go.

It’s a nice place. It’s peaceful. Quiet. Relaxing. Trees line the back of the yard, giving the feeling that if you step in, you are entering a never ending forest. There are a few trees scattered with a few overgrown bushes sprinkled in creating a border on the right. The yard is open to the neighbor’s yard on the left but being almost a full acre in size, it’s not too close.

It’s a perfect spring day. The sun is shining bright in the sky. There’s a soft wind blowing, the rustle of leaves shifting this way and that, trying to settle only to be moved around by the next breeze. Fluffy white clouds float by each one competing with the next to create the most interesting shape. A goat. A sailboat. An elephant. A pirate?

There is the lingering floral scent filling the air even as it fades away. The garden next door is close enough to show off the dazzling colors of the its occupants but far enough way that I’m not overwhelmed by the aroma. Just the way I like my flowers. Also, safe in my neighbor’s garden, those same flowers stand a chance of survival. That wouldn’t be happening over here. The temperature is perfect. I don’t need anything more than a light sweater and even when the wind picks up a little, it swirls around my ankles with a soft breeze that cools me but doesn’t cause goosebumps to run up and down my legs.

The trees that are older than time provide a comforting shade from the blinding sunlight and the soft background music of my iPod playing a nice mix of jazz, classical, musical hits and yes, Beatles, is broken intermittently with the sound of squirrels making that ‘chit chit’  sound as they race around the yard, through the bushes and up and down the trees. Occasionally a bird tweets out a pretty little tune and in the distance the dog barking network goes into action filling the air with faint barks back and forth between the canine pals up and down the street.

I sway back and forth on the glider looking out at the peaceful scene before me. My Kindle lays on the seat beside me- all of my favorite books within reach at the tap of a finger. My music provides the perfect soundtrack for the quiet setting.

Yes, it is a nice place.


20 thoughts on “There’s a Place

  1. You painted this picture so well. I hear the jazz playing, the squirrels chittering, the dogs barking. I see the the trees and the neighbor’s house. I smell the flowers, but not too much. I feel the soft breeze. Senses engaged.

    I relaxed because of your word choices at the beginning of the post. Then I laughed that you were glad the garden was thriving in your neighbors yard, because if it were in your yard they wouldn’t be faring so well.


    1. Thanks! I was kind of aware that the part about killing off the flowers wasn’t keeping in the tone of the piece but that is SO me and I’ve vowed to stay true to who I am. 🙂


  2. I LOVED this! I found myself wishing I was there and it was weird but in the beginning I swear I could hear children playing in that yard! Maybe it was just awakening my own memories in familiar settings but it instantly made me feel so happy!

    As I read the second to last paragraph, I couldn’t stop thinking “but what are you doing? Why are you there?” And then you answered in the next paragraph like you could hear me! I don’t know why that happened and why I was so aware of it or happy by that but I now find myself wishing the rain away so I could go out on my deck!

    So looking forward to reading more. Well done!


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