Think Positive!

I’m feeling kinda slumpy today and in need of some inspiration.

 How about you?

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Sometimes it seems like we get so caught up in the day to day “have to’s” and we forget to focus on what is important.

Why not stop, take a deep breath, and focus?



10 thoughts on “Think Positive!

  1. Half the kids at the Starbucks stand I work at apparently are also GLBT. After all my gay friends dumping me for either coming out as trans or thinking I was a welfare queen, here is a bunch of people who understand the hell I’ve been though and befriended me instantly.


  2. I positively haven’t killed my kid today or punted him off the balcony.

    Jeremy had one chore today. One. Just washing the dishes. I walked in the door from work to have him smirk and say he doesn’t feel like washing them because I won’t let him set up speakers around the computer chair so the computer has surround sound. I don’t want waist high computer speakers on the middle of the living room floor behind the computer chair. So the dishes aren’t done and I’m hiding in my bedroom eating a chocolate peanut butter pudding cup.

    Not very inspirational but it’s the best I’ve got. Here, have some chocolate.


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