Dara Hoffman-Fox and Me

I am reblogging and sharing with you a post by my friend, Charissa, from over at Charissa’s Grace Notes– This article addresses the sensitive topic of how you can support a transgender person when he or she comes out to you. I hope you will take the time to read it, and check out Charissa’s other writing while you are around!

Charissa's Grace Notes

Constance, I want to tell you about a very important resource for your education and growth in matters transgender related.  My new friend Dara (who getting to know is like coming back to a childhood home from long ago, and having memories flood back clear and full) is a therapist, specializing in transgender humans.

darapeace2(I love this photo of her, because it shows the Peace she carries on her shoulders!)

She is a true bright light, and her energy and commitment is literally saving lives that otherwise quite likely would be miscarried and malformed, or even lost altogether.  She has a sense of mission that is of the ilk I refer to when I plead to you cis-gender people to pluck up your courage and conviction and make a place for the dispossessed and stranger and alien.

I truly believe that real significant cultural transformation will only occur when the…

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