Let the Good Times Roll!


Are you familiar with NaNoWriMo? The premise is quite simple. You write a novel or at least 50,000 words in a month. It doesn’t matter if it’s total crap. You are not supposed to edit. Just write.

I’ve written a number of drafts in the past few days but posted none of them. They are crap. My thoughts are not coherent. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say. My head is swirling with post topics, packing lists, committee plans and life. With each day that passes I feel the panic rising and the pressure to produce something worth reading grows. In other words, I have been writing total crap.

So until things quiet down, here is a quick update-

Kris is home! He was in Orlando for 7 months and we only saw him twice in that time. He brought home is usual chaos and clutter but I guess he wouldn’t be Kris without it. He’s taken a few missteps, which I will talk about in another post, but he started back at school and it looks like he will be done with his Associate’s Degree next semester. Woohooo! He has been applying and interviewing for jobs so we are hoping he gets some good news on that front. The only other thing left to deal with is a car, since his died somewhere outside of Nashville on his drive home. (Did I mention that?)

Big Family Gathering- The relatives came. They did not come to play. No one exchanged harsh words. No one came to blows. I had hoped my sister and her family would come around a little……make an attempt with Kris…..anything. I had really hoped that my mother would have shown more of a sign of support for Kris (and me, too, I admit it!) in front of my sister because I feel like that might be the kick in the pants she needs. The way things stand when my sister is around, my mother becomes silent. It’s not as if she’s overly demonstrative on a good day but it’s obvious she is on my sister’s team and me and mine are not included.


College Boy- We will be leaving on Saturday to take Andrew to college. Yesterday was another big shopping day. Today is laundry and organization. I know it’s a good thing. I know it has to happen. Just let me have my sad moments and my tears. It will help me deal with him not being around and I will be able to move on. Okay?? 🙂

Grandkids in action! Little CJ begins kindergarten on Monday. He will be attending the school I went to as a child. 🙂 I’ll be missing his first day because we will be moving Andy into his dorm but I’m looking forward to seeing lots of pictures! And the grandbaby is making his presence known. After playing possum on me for weeks, I finally felt him move! I can’t wait to see this squirmy little guy who is causing Jasmine to have hiccups all the time.

Then there are all the regular Back to School doings- being on the board, I have meetings and events to attend, committee work to organize and all the fun that goes into an important but underpaid ($0) position in the district.

I have been trying to keep up on reading everyone’s posts. And if I’m doing more “liking” than “commenting” but I hope to change that soon!

Time for me to fly. I need to order a music book that Andrew needs….well last week, I guess!

Have a great day!


11 thoughts on “Let the Good Times Roll!

  1. Sigh…Kat, I just gotta say this, right here…I love you…sigh…you are simply amazing, and I love our comfortable stride, so swiftly found as if we have allus known each other instead of for just a few months.

    One of the many blessings of being transgender is that the condition has created a life experience that gives us true empathy into one another’s burdens and honors in life…me as a transperson, and you as the committed mother of a transperson (which is the closest thing anyone can be who isn’t trans).

    (Gives Kat a lil gift-wrapped box inside which are dark chocolate dipped caramel kisses and a Starbucks Coffee Card)


    • One of the truly amazing things about finding someone of a like mind is it happened at a time when I feel out of step with the majority of people I’ve known forever.


  2. I’m glad your visit went better than expected in some ways and sad that it went as expected in others.

    Emma commented today that Aunt Amy was like the Wicked Witch of the West’s ghost. I replied that’s exactly what she’s like. You think you’re alone, just flipping laundry or getting some pop from the fridge and suddenly she’s right there making catty comments. Emma’s not perfect (I’m sure the copious amounts of swearing in her blog was a huge clue LOL) but certainly doesn’t deserve the attitude she gets from them, meanwhile Jeremy mostly gets ignored.

    At least the visits are done for a while. I’m glad Kris is back and hope Andrew has a wonderful year at college.

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  3. A friend of mine (who also writes) tried to get me to do NaNoWriMo with her a few years back, and I found all the reasons why I didn’t have time. I was actually looking at info on it for this year, and joined their twitter page…so maybe this time.


    • I have done it the last 4 years. I reached the 50,000 words the first 2 years but not the last 2. It’s not easy. I think support really makes a difference. I was part of an online group and we all cheered each other on. It sort of fell apart the last two years and I missed that support.


      • Hmm, sounds like my past hesitation was actually intuition. I had no idea that it required support.

        In spite of all of that, how do you feel about your experiences with it, aside from finding it challenging?


      • I think that without someone motivating you, it’s all on you to give yourself that kick that is needed.

        I LOVE it!!! I will be doing it again this year and I WILL finish- not just the 50,000 words but the novel! (How’s that for confidence?? Yikes, what did I just say?)

        It gave me a real sense of accomplishment. When I got my momentum going, it was a great feeling.


  4. Scene: Charissa rings doorbell knowing full well the fam is around. Enters and naively makes nice meeting everyone. Says sweetest things… While stepping HARD on sister’s toes and imperceptibly winking at bff Kat while apologizing even more effusively.

    Next scene: sits shoulder to shoulder with Kat up on the roof, silently sharing tears together and watching the stars come out…. Without a word.

    Last scene: squeezes her friend’s hand and goes back to watching stars, humming the old song We Shall Overcome.

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