First Love

25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 8- A song that reminds you of your first love

Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry/Get Away”

A song that reminds me of my first love. My mind was a blank. Then I googled the year-1982-and this song was in the search results and it all came back to me. Chicago’s Hard to Say I’m Sorry/Get Away was the theme song for the movie, “Summer Lovers” which came out that year. It was in the early days of my relationship with my first love, Rob. Listening to this song takes me back to that time in the beginning when we had just fallen for each other. We had a few stops and starts and then just plowed ahead in a disastrous relationship that finally ended in friendship after 5 years of us trying to make something work that was not meant to be. 

The thing I always loved about this song and the reason it reminds me of Rob is how it begins as a sad love song but as it is winding down, it transitions to the fast beat positive playful song- Get Away. If not the words, the music seemed to represent our relationship sadly coming to its end only to be happily recreated into a friendship that has actually survived 2 divorces, 5 kids, countless ups and downs and us being able to move past a failed romance to see the friendship that was always there. 





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