Quiet the Mind


When I first saw this on my Facebook wall, I thought, hmmm, yes, sounds good in theory. I’ve been having some problems with writer’s block, organizing my office, getting Andrew ready for college, preparing my house for the arrival of Kris, a big family weekend gathering to plan, and then my regular daily responsibilities and commitments. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed and feeling quite ineffective. Although I think this is easier said than done, I’m going to concentrate on “quieting the mind” in hopes of gaining back the focus that I seem to be lacking. 


7 thoughts on “Quiet the Mind

  1. The stereotypical mantra-sitting meditation styles don’t work on me yet. You have to get me physically engaged in something in order to live in the moment, be at one, and quiet the mind. Woodwork. Walking. Cleaning. Manual labor. It’s unorthodox, yes (but my Mars sign, that which dictates actions, is in Aquarius, if you believe in that sort of thing). Even the Buddha encouraged us to try, engage, question—if something doesn’t work for you, disregard it I will keep stuff on the back burner, tho—as all things change, maybe, when I am more advanced in my learning, I can do it as generations of monks and dharma practitioners have done. Who knows?

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  2. Let me know how you accomplish this! When I have tons to do, my mind is roaring…I would love to quiet it, especially when I am trying to sleep. 🙂 Good luck to you as you prepare for all of the coming month’s festivities and events.


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