Summer Goals

Writer’s Block. Isn’t it great? I have notebook filled with pages of possible post topics. I won’t even get started on the number of pins I have on Pinterest. And here I sit completely frozen and unable to write. 

So, I took another look at those ideas and one jumped out. “Summer Goals” I looked up at the calendar, counting again, and swallowed the surge of panic I felt when I realized that we are over halfway through July. Where did the first half of the summer go? 

I decided it was time to look at the informal (but totally necessary) goals I had made at the start of summer, right around the time the craziness of Andrew’s senior year ended. They are all pretty important. They all need to be done. So here they are- listed out- hopefully forcing me to be slightliy more motivated. 


(in no particular order)

photo 1dorm1. Get Andrew ready for college. The fact is he leaves in 5 weeks. He is going to school over 600 miles away. We don’t know how big his dorm room is. Since he will be farther north, he needs to be prepared for any kind of weather. He’s a minimalist and he’s not cooperating at the moment. 


2. Prepare for Kris coming home in 2 weeks. He’s been gone since January. We have pretended like the nightmare that we call his bedroom doesn’t exist as long as we keep the door closed. He tends to create a little chaos wherever he is, so the more space he has in his room, the better chance that it will be confined to his room and not all over the house. On a side note, I’m thrilled to have him home. He has asked if we can have a weekly mother/son outing. 🙂

photo 23. A new grandchild will be joining the family in 4 months or less. So in addition to the 4 year old toys that have overtaken our house, we will be adding baby stuff as well. I need to hunt down the baby things we kept from our baby days. I know that some of it is unusable- especially now that car seats come with expiration dates??? We have to find a location for the baby to sleep when he is here visiting (and presumably napping- unless he’s one of the no-sleep models). Lucky for us, we have a kid leaving for college in 5 weeks. What better place for a crib, right? Andrew is not amused at the prospect. (Andrew will not be here and will have no choice.)


4. This is the sight that greeted me when I opened the door to what is supposed to be (someday) my office/hideout/sanctuary…… Obviously there is a lot of work to be done. First on the list, find the source of the water! I will be thrilled when this room becomes functional, although somehow I have visions of me sitting in an old chair with my feet up (so they don’t get wet), swatting away spiders and any odd insects that come to visit- not a very relaxing thought. Perching on a stool at the counter in the kitchen (in the middle of everything) is not the most conducive environment for being creative when we are at our second home on weekends and/or breaks. We need to get moving on this!

belle5. Take Ari on more walks. She has gotten a bit thick around the middle and could use some more exercise. And she’s not the only one!!!

backyard6. Spend more time relaxing in my backyard, reading, listening to music (as long as it’s not Jack and Diane) and chilling. What’s the point in having this backyard if I’m not going to use it?


7. Enjoy the short time I have with all of my children in the same state (3 weeks to be exact). Once Andrew leaves, the next time we will all be together our family will have grown by one and once again, the dynamics will be up for grabs!



8. And last of all- keep the freaking out to a minimum!

Happy Summer!!!



4 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. Wow! You have a lot going on in your life right now. Good thing you have a list… I can’t imagine where your son is going to college that is north of Chicago and 600 miles away. Brrr…. I’m going to go with Upstate NY. Or Montana. A new baby!! How exciting for you. 🙂 Regarding the messy room…we are dealing with that now ourselves. My daughter who is now at West Point left her room as a disaster area. My youngest is being paid $50 to clean it. This is a bargain for me!! 🙂 Good luck with your list!


    1. Ding ding ding- correct answer- Upstate NY. When we went for his audition in MARCH!!!!, it was below zero and freeeeeeezingggg!

      I keep looking at Kris’s room- I peeked in to take the picture- and thought, maybe it’s not as bad as I think once I pick up the clothes….. 😮


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