Gira Con Me- It’s not what it means but what it does

25 Songs, 25 Days:   Day 4- a song that calms you down

“Gira Con Me” by Josh Groban

A song that calms me. Well, if I’m being perfectly honest here, I love music. My taste varies so much that by the end of this challenge you will probably wonder if you are dealing with someone with multiple personalities. When I really like a song, it gets added to my playlist and never leaves. Except “Jack and Diane”. I am SO over that song but that’s another story. So, day 4 brings a completely different style of song- no musical number, crooning or rap today!

I was introduced to Josh Groban when I saw him on the tv show Ally McBeal in 2001. He was only 20 years old at the time and when he sang, I was hooked! This song is the 2nd on his first album. The melody is beautiful. The combination of his voice with the accompaniment and the pretty Italian words makes me feel so peaceful. I can feel myself relax. My blood pressure lowers to a reasonable rate. I’m calm.

 Yes, he sings in Italian. What do the words mean? I don’t really know. I just love how he sounds and how it makes me feel. That’s good enough for me! 




3 thoughts on “Gira Con Me- It’s not what it means but what it does

    1. I had it on my iPod and it played at least once, if not twice, every single time I listened. I have 100’s of songs- I don’t know why that one just kept coming up and some never played. I had to delete it from everything because I really came to despise that song!


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