Writing 101, Day Eleven: Size Matters

Today, tell us about the home you lived in when you were twelve.


The house I grew up in from the age of six until I moved out and in and out and in and finally out was in the same town we currently reside. It was stereotypical suburban living- 5 models of houses so depending on the popularity of the model, every other house was the same.

Ours was red. It made it easy for people to find it amongst the more neutral colored houses that surrounded our house. Brightest one on the block!

It was a raised ranch with 3 bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths. That meant 1 bathtub/shower. For 6 people- 4 of them being female. There was a plumbing problem. I’m not sure what it was but it caused water to back up into the tub. Imagine how much fun that was. Taking a shower and glug, glug…..slimy food scraps and who knows what comes up through the drain and is swirling around our feet. Ewww!

I shared a room with my younger sister. My brother and youngest sister shared their room. Within 2 years I would be moved into a room in the basement to- a. give me some privacy and b. give my brother some girl-free space and a room of his own.


The picture shows the color of the room (and the dressers which were painted to match!) We had bunk beds which were stacked or taken apart when we needed a change. I slept on the bottom bunk. I remember listening to Casey Kasem count down on American Top 40 on WLS-AM radio every Sunday night. I would keep a list of the top 20 songs and update it every week, tracking the most popular songs and whether I liked them or even knew them! When our beds were apart they would be up against the walls across from each other and we would jump back and forth until we got in trouble for that.

The furnace was in the basement and when the heat was on, it sounded like someone was walking down the hall. Even though I knew this, it still freaked me out at times, rendering me unable to move in my bed late at night. In the summer, when the air conditioning was on, the basement would be frigid cold. My favorite thing to do was get a glass of iced tea, a stack of chocolate chip cookies and wrap myself in a blanket with a book and snuggle in the rocking chair in the basement reading.

Orange and green were the “in” colors and we had plenty of both. The carpet throughout the house was mostly green. The kitchen was orange at the time. (Note the wallpaper in the picture of the clock. There were chairs to match!)

Looking back at pictures from that time in my life brings back memories of a much different time. Some are happy. And there are those I prefer to forget. I hope that I have created a home for my children that they consider a safe place, where they can move out and in and out and in. ……and OUT!


3 thoughts on “1976

  1. I used to have a tiny radio next to my head under the blankets in the bottom bunk bed. I’ve never been much of a sleeper.
    Six people and a dog in three bedrooms with one bathroom, and one toilet. Luckily the dog didn’t use the inside facilities 🙂 I eventually got my own room, when we built in the downstairs, but left not long after.
    You brought back so many memories, with this post. (I also love music from the sixties and seventies.) Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


  2. Sooo many nights with the radio, and Karen Carpenter singing me to sleep with tears of longing! Giggles…omg I was such a smitten childe! Between the Carpenters and James Taylor, Carole King and Bread, Joan Baez and a little Bob Dylan (though it was years until I appreciated him properly) Joni Mitchell, Three Dog Night…and then came The Eagles, Credence Clearwater Revival, and as I grew, I got into 60s era music more…

    Those days…sigh!

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